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Tax rules and regulations are constantly changing, so much so that even filing a simple return can be difficult, confusing,
filing can be overwhelming.
We understand how complicated this time can be and offer one-on-one service and attention to all your tax preparation
needs. We’ll listen closely to you questions and concerns and find solutions that best fit your needs and objectives.

We are also aware of how quickly tax rules and regulations can change and offer our experienced staff to cover all
changes in the tax code. We work hard to stay current on all matters that may affect you.

Here’s what we offer you…
•Electronic filing so that you can your refund back quicker and with fewer filing errors.

•Your tax return will be double-checked by our tax software, identifying and troubleshooting possible IRS problems and
avoiding the possibility of an audit.

•We will help you plan your tax filing for next year, showing you possible deductions for the next filing season.

•Our dedicated staff will show you how to take advantage of adjusting your payroll withholding, allowing you to get more
money back each week.

ASAP Accounting Services Inc provides you with assistance in all your tax affairs and bookkeeping— assistance that
will improve your total financial well-being. With our experience and tax expertise, you can rely on us for all the advice that
you need. Fill the form to contact us today!